One Company, a multitude of Solutions

Sourcing its products mainly from Spain, India, Indonesia and China, Joonas & Co is one of the main importers and distributors of Ceramic Tiles in the country since 1972. Sanitary wares are also available. Our showroom at the heart of Port Louis displays a wide range of products to suit every purpose and budget.

A wide collection of ceramic tiles available in a range of sizes, colors, thickness and surfaces to make your interiors memorable.

The diversity of designs, texture and colour of tiles we provide in the market allows the creation of a multitude of styles to suit every taste. Tiles available can be categorized into two major categories; Wall and Floor tiles, that can be further distinguished by their individual properties which include their manufacturing materials and finish.

Joonas & Co Ltd is the exclusive distributor of ROMAN ceramic tiles from Indonesia. ROMAN offers a wide variety of floor and wall tiles that are amongst the most durable and appealing in the market. They use the most advanced technology from Italy in their production process to ensure their products are of the highest quality and meet international standards. The company is ISO certified. They operate one of the most efficient plants in Asia and export to over 50 countries worldwide.

Roman Granit

Roman Granit is the most prestigious product from Roman. There are five main reasons why this collection offers to architects, interior designers and consumers a superior class of tiles, ideal for residential or commercial application.

1. Digital Technica

This extraordinary technology perfectly reproduces the actual effect of natural materials on every surface: wood, marble, stones have never been so real.

2. Rectified

Roman Granit collections are all rectified. Sizes are exact and tiles can be laid with minimum joints.

3. Colored Body

Roman Granit products are avaliable in colored body and white body, thus assuring a wide range of choices for every application.

4. Lapato

Roman Granit offers a wide range of smooth or structured surfaces for both indoor and outdoor application.

5. Polished

Roman Granit polished tiles are always perfect to assure shiny and glossy effect for every prestigious building. With these 5 technologies benefits, avaliable in many sizes and colors, RomanGranit remarks its superiority and enhances the creativity for the best performing floors and walls of every architectural and interior project.

Roman Interlok

Roman Granit proud to introduce to architects, interior designers and hi-end consumers the new interlok collection. Interlok is a totally new design concept that renews the idea of tiling, thanks to an exclusive interlocking system that links tiles together one with the other. Borders matches perfectly both in the short and long side of the 30 X 60cm nominal size of the tile.

The result is an effect of reality, that enhances the look of the stones for indoor and outdoor wall applications such as fences, house facades, fireplaces, dining rooms and bathrooms in resort hotels, private houses, schools and everywhere style and performance must walk side by side for perfect results.

Interlok is avaliable in many colors and finishes and its produced with Digital Technica, an advanced technology that allows an extraordinary stone-look of the tiled area, since each piece is different from another.

Showroom Address

Cnr Royal and Louis Pasteur Streets, Port Louis