One Company, a multitude of Solutions


Entering the business world as general merchant in 1951, Joonas & Co. through its founder Mr. Issack Joonas, started trading in various commodities including food stuffs, paint, building materials, cement amongst others.

Focus on the building sector was engaged in the early seventies, with the aim of providing a one stop shop for customers. Steel re-rolling, steel roller shutters, furniture manufacturing, hot dip galvanizing and a timber department were integrated to the business activities. The addition of ceramic tiles and sanitary wares departments came in 1972 and remains an integral component of the group’s activities nowadays.

The activities diversified even further to include property development and sugar cane plantation, still a part of the trade at present.

Joonas & Co. has contributed in the early stages of industrialization of the country and has set its sights as a major player in the ongoing economic and social development. Over the years, the group has built a strong reputation country-wide as well as in the neighbouring islands, and has earned its place among the “Top 100 Companies” of Mauritius. This has been achieved mainly through the supply of quality products, adapting to new market needs and customer service dedication.

The company today is among the main suppliers of steel for the local market. The steel products are mainly imported from ‘Arcelor Mittal’ South Africa, Egypt, India and China.




Founding of the Parnership.

Our family business Joonas & Co was established as a partnership by its founders Mr. Issack Joonas and his father Mr. Abdulla Joonas. Started trading in food stuff and building materials.


Pioneers of import substitute Industries as manufacturer of nails, furniture for home and office. Property development.


The addition of ceramic tiles and sanitary wares department and remains an integral part of the group’s activities nowadays.


Joonas & Co Ltd incorporated as a limited liability company


Hot dip galvanizing service by Galvabond Ltd.


Re-structuring: new strategies and management systems. Enhance focus on steel and ceramic tiles


Investments in new equipments and machines. Increase in warehousing facilities.


Renew and increase fleet of lorries to service market requirements.


New tiles showroom at C/R Louis Pasteur and Royal streets.